Optimize your game
Covered zones on the field (heat map)
Customizable report
Distance run
Time spent on the field, ratio time /distance
Speed statistics
Accelerations and sprints
HRM Integration

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Enhance your game with FieldWiz !
How Does It Work ?

1 Play

It’s easy. Turn on your FieldWiz by pressing the button. A green LED light shows you that it is on. Insert it into the vest. Get ready. Play. It can be used for a governed game or regular practice.

For teams, each device has a unique number which is then assigned to a player.

2 Sync

At the end of a game or practice session, collected data are synchronized.

  1. Follow the steps to set the parameters required in order to select only relevant data
  2. Set additional variables that will help you to optimize your game
  3. Wait until the data is synchronized and ready to analyze

3 Analyze

Heatmaps of the covered zones for each player, replay of whole games, phases of play, physical statistics including sprints, distance, speed and accelerations.

4 Optimize

Now, it’s time to get the most of FieldWiz - interpret the results to gain a competitive edge. There are many ways to optimize your game and FieldWiz could be::

An analysis and decision making tool allowing you to gather facts and statistics, and compare players between games and positions over time, etc. and in the end, make the best decision.

A demonstration tool to better communicate your strategy, show game phase, and compare the “as is” situation with the “should be”.

A motivation tool for you and your players. Set measurable goals during practices and games, track progress and encourage healthy competition within the team.

An entertaining tool to extend the game experience: share, analyze, compare, suggest and discuss with your teammates after a match in the stadium or online.

And so much more, it is up to you…

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Can FieldWiz be used
in a governed match ?

Yes, as this technology is already used by the wealthiest teams when playing in stadiums non-equipped with tracking camera systems. FieldWiz is even smaller than certain GPS devices used by the top 100 teams in Europe.

Will wearing FieldWiz bother me
while playing ?

No, we have tested the vests with more than 100 players. The device stays put and remains unnoticed. We ensure you’ll forget all about it as soon as you start running.

Can we use FieldWiz under
any weather condition ?

In Switzerland, we had an awful summer 2014. While this wasn’t great, it was a good way to test FieldWiz in extreme conditions: rainstorms and heat wave. FieldWiz behaved perfectly.

Such systems already exists,
why is FieldWiz different?

Existing systems are highly complex with several great features. However, it is only meant for the wealthiest teams and requires dedicated staff to operate. FieldWiz aims to make the technology affordable with a simple and standalone system.

What is the difference between products like Adidas
MiCoach Speed Cell and FieldWiz?

The technologies used are different.
The Speed Cell is a great product, it is based on an accelerometer, which gives information on distance, speed and accelerations. Nevertheless, it does not allow for any movement representation on a field. FieldWiz is based on GPS technology, which enables accurate data as well as more functionalities, including heatmaps and replay functions.

User manual

Download the user manual in English here.
Download the user manual in Chinese here.
Download the user manual in Japanese here.
Download the user manual in Italian here.

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